Eric Aarts

Principal Architect

Geeft leiding aan een globaal team van architecten en engineers. Ontwerpt, implementeert en managed diverse complexe projecten welke samen een "Shared Services" Portfolio vormen die door honderden bedrijven, eigendom van een snel groeiende wereldwijde organisatie met een omzet van ongeveer 20 miljard dollar, gebruikt worden.

Voornaamste prestaties

  • Mail Service
    By designing and implementing a centralised Mail Service in 2004, a standard service delivery was created that integrates with existing account management processes, This service, originally designed to support 15,000 mailboxes, evolved to provide service to over 80,000 (>500% growth) and is now fully integrated with a SaaS provider to allow for further growth.
    Over the years, the service moved to new datacenters and received hardware and software upgrades.
  • Portal Service
    A Portal Service was designed, implemented and delivered in 2014 to over 80,000 people world-wide and integrated into existing service delivery processes. The service replaced a legacy intranet and, to date, continues to exceed expectations in functionality, performance, availability and (not the least) usability. Within a year it has received millions of page views.
    Several core Corporate functions have adopted the service to deliver global communications, reports and integrated applications.
  • Instant Communication Service
    In 2012 a secure Instant Messaging Service was added to the Service Portfolio. After design and implementation it was eventually consumed by 40,000 people around the globe. The system integrates through federation with existing similar services within the organisation. In 2015 this service was extended to a SaaS provider to allow for further growth.
  • Global Support Team
    The Shared Services Portfolio has been operated by the same team since its beginning in 2004. The team's success has substantially  enabled the growth of the portfolio; Starting with the support of a centralised Mail Service, growing to provide almost 20 diverse services to a large, complex, global organisation with over 80,000 associates. The team has continued to deliver services within an established SLA for the past 5 years.
    While impact and size of the provided services grew by 1500% over 10 years, the team has been able to do this with a limited growth of 50% in it's core and 300% in it's operations team. Team members are providing 24/7 support and are located in 3 different geographies.

Relevant Experience

  • Lead Enterprise Architect - Danaher Corporation
    March 2004 - February 2010 | July 2010 - present
    In this role I am leading the design and deployment of a Global Shared Services Portfolio for a complex multi-national (fortune-250), multi-company organisation (80,000+ associates). I work with senior management and IT leaders at the many Danaher companies to understand business need and develop solutions that improve continuity, innovation and profitability. I'm frequently consulted in design validation or troubleshooting of (new) technologies within Danaher's IT infrastructure.
  • Mission Critical Engineer - Schuberg Philis
    February 2010 - July 2010
    Maintain mission critical IT infrastructures for global customers in a team of the world's best IT specialists. 100% uptime guaranteed.


  • Creativity
    Writing, composing and performing have been important activities since a young age; The need to create and the ability to use creative thinking continues to be a strong asset when designing new solutions, implementing processes or solving complex problems.
  • Dedication
    A wise man once said that by working hard, you will achieve your goals. Experience has shown that he was right. Getting a job done is a way of life; "Do or do not, there is no try..." .
  • Continuous Improvement
    There is always room for improvement. Through standard processes and management techniques a product, system or service can continuously be improved. This allows for efficient implementation, proper prioritisation and quality assurance throughout its lifecycle.


Computer Science - Open University (2015-2019)
Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)

Areas of expertise

  • Technical
    Identity and Access Management, Directory Services, Exchange, SharePoint, SQL, storage, load balancing, virtualisation, IaaS, Office 365, automation, security and compliance
  • Operational
    Monitoring, testing, documentation, standard work, framework integration
  • Organisational
    Team Management, Service Management, Partner Management, Budgeting, Licensing, Problem Solving