Physics of the Future

How Science Will Shape Human Destiny and Our Daily Lives by the Year 2100

Amazing to me that I had never heard of Dr. Michio Kaku before I read this book (I must have seen him before, but his name never stuck with me). His writing style, intelligence and topics very well aligns with my interests.

This book is something that every engineer, innovator, entrepreneur, new kid on the block, probably almost everyone, should read. It is an adventure into the future and what's amazing about the book is that while I was reading it, I actually noticed that some of these new inventions or industry changes  are actually already making headlines in the news.

Reading this book helped me pick some topics that I would really like to explore some more and set direction, not only for me, but I'm actually using some of these topics to get my kids familiar with some of the technology that he's describing.

Reading this book made me want to scream to the world again, feeding my idealistic brain, and wake up our fellow earthlings to focus on what matters and invest in future technology instead of politics and war ;) 

I am certainly going to read more from Dr. Kaku and hope to get in touch with him at some point in my life. He's is certainly becoming a mentor to me.


Eric Aarts

I am an Enterprise Architect with more than 15 years of professional experience in Information Technology, designing and managing Enterprise Solutions for several Fortune 500 companies. I have taken new ideas from concept to production and helped my customers/employers achieve true breakthroughs and save tremendous amounts of time and money.